Monday, 15 June 2015

Java Programs


  1. Count number of words in a String
  2. Count total number of times each character appears in a String
  3. Check whether a given String/Number is a palindrome or not
  4. How to find the longest palindrome in the given String
  5. How to add double quotes to a String
  6. Check if given strings are anagram or not
  7. How to find all the permutations of the given String
  8. How to reverse a string in Java
  9. Converting string to int - Java Program
  10. Converting string to bytearray - Java Program
  11. Converting string to float - Java Program
  12. Converting string to double - Java Program
  13. Splitting a String - Java Program

Java - Collections

  1. How to iterate a Hash map of arraylists of String in Java?
  2. How to Sort elements in different order in TreeSet

Java - Array

  1. Finding duplicate elements in an array - Java Program
  2. Matrix Multiplication Java Program

Lambda Expression

  1. Lambda Expression Runnable example
  2. Lambda Expression Comparator example
  3. Lambda Expression Callable example

Java Date&Time

  1. How to format date in Java using SimpleDateFormat

Java Internals

  1. How to compile Java program at runtime
  2. How to run javap programmatically from Java Program
  3. Running Dos/Windows commands from Java program
  4. How to run a shell script from Java program


  1. Armstrong number
  2. How to display pyramid patterns in Java - Part1
  3. How to display pyramid patterns in Java - Part2
  4. Checking number prime or not Java program
  5. Displaying prime numbers - Java program
  6. Factorial program in Java
  7. Fibonacci series program in Java
  8. Converting int to string - Java Program
  9. Converting float to string - Java Program
  10. Converting double to string - Java Program
  11. Converting float to int - Java program
  12. Converting double to int - Java Program
  13. How to reverse number - Java Program

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