Monday, 4 May 2015

Java Advance Topics

Java Collection Framework

  1. ArrayList in Java
  2. How ArrayList works internally in Java
  3. How to loop/iterate an arraylist in Java
  4. ListIterator in Java
  5. How to join lists in Java
  6. How to remove elements from an ArrayList in Java
  7. How to remove duplicate elements from an ArrayList in Java
  8. How to sort ArrayList in Java
  9. How to sort ArrayList of custom objects in Java
  10. How to sort an ArrayList in descending order
  11. How and why to synchronize ArrayList in Java
  12. How to convert ArrayList to Array in Java
  13. How to convert Array to ArrayList in Java
  14. How LinkedList class works internally in Java
  15. Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java
  16. Difference between ArrayList and Vector in Java
  17. Difference between Array and ArrayList in Java
  18. Difference between ArrayList and CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java
  1. How HashMap internally works in Java
  2. How to Loop Through a Map in Java
  3. LinkedHashMap in Java
  4. TreeMap in Java
  5. Difference between HashMap and HashTable in Java
  6. HashMap Vs LinkedHashMap Vs TreeMap in Java
  7. Difference between HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap in Java
  1. How HashSet works internally in Java
  2. LinkedHashSet in Java
  3. TreeSet in Java
  4. EnumSet in Java
  5. How to sort HashSet in Java
  6. HashSet Vs LinkedHashSet Vs TreeSet in Java
  7. How to Sort elements in different order in TreeSet
  1. Overriding hashCode() and equals() method in Java
  2. fail-fast Vs fail-safe iterator in Java
  3. Difference between Comparable and Comparator
Java Collections interview questions
  1. Java Collections interview questions

Java Concurrent utilities

Synchronization utilities
  1. CountDownLatch in Java concurrency
  2. CyclicBarrier in Java concurrency
  3. Difference between CountDownLatch and CyclicBarrier
  4. Phaser in Java concurrency
  5. Exchanger in Java concurrency
  6. Semaphore in Java concurrency
  1. ReentrantLock in Java concurrency
  2. Difference between ReentrantLock and Synchronized
  3. ReentrantReadWriteLock in Java
  4. StampedLock in Java
Concurrent Collections
  1. ConcurrentHashMap in Java
  2. Difference between HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap in Java
  3. CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java
  4. Difference between ArrayList and CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java
  5. CopyOnWriteArraySet in Java
  6. ConcurrentSkipListMap in Java
  7. ConcurrentSkipListSet in Java
  8. ConcurrentLinkedQueue in Java
  9. ConcurrentLinkedDeque in Java
  1. BlockingQueue in Java Concurrency
  2. ArrayBlockingQueue in Java Concurrency
  3. LinkedBlockingQueue in Java Concurrency
  4. PriorityBlockingQueue in Java Concurrency
  5. SynchronousQueue in Java
  6. DelayQueue in Java Concurrency
  7. LinkedTransferQueue in Java
  1. BlockingDeque in Java Concurrency
  2. LinkedBlockingDeque in Java
  1. Executor and ExecutorService in Java concurrency
  2. Callable and Future in Java concurrency
  3. Difference between Runnable and Callable in Java
Atomic variables
  1. AtomicInteger in Java Concurrency
  2. AtomicLong in Java Concurrency
Concurrency concepts
  1. Lock Striping in Java Concurrency
  2. Non-blocking algorithms
  3. Busy spinning in multi-threading
  4. Blocking methods in Java Concurrency
Java Concurrency interview questions
  1. Java Concurrency interview questions

Reflection API in Java

  1. Reflection in Java
  2. Reflection in Java - Class
  3. Reflection in Java - Field
  4. Reflection in Java - Method
  5. Reflection in Java - Constructor
  6. Generating getters and setters using Reflection - Java Program
  7. Invoking getters and setters using Reflection - Java Program

Serialization in Java

  1. Serialization in Java
  2. Transient in Java
  3. Externalizable interface in Java
  4. serialVersionUID and versioning in Java Serialization
  5. Serialization Proxy Pattern in Java

Cloning in Java

  1. Object cloning in java

Nested Class in Java

  1. Nested class and Inner class in Java

Java Multithreading

  1. Creating thread in Java
  2. Thread states in Java multithreading
  3. Thread priorities in Java multithreading
  4. Difference between Thread and Process in Java
  5. Can we start the same thread twice in Java
  6. What if run() method called directly instead of start() method
  7. Synchronization in Java multithreading
  8. Race condition in Java multi-threading
  9. Deadlock in Java multi-threading
  10. Inter-thread communication using wait, notify and notifyAll
  11. Why wait(), notify() and notifyAll() methods are in Object class
  12. Why wait(), notify() and notifyAll() must be called inside a synchronized method or block?
  13. isAlive() & join() methods in Java multithreading
  14. Difference between yield and sleep
  15. Difference between sleep and wait
  16. ThreadLocal class in Java
  17. Volatile in Java
  18. String and thread-safety in Java
Java Multi-threading interview questions
  1. Java Multi-threading interview questions

Java 5 Features

  1. varargs in Java
  2. Enum Type in Java
  3. AutoBoxing and UnBoxing in Java
  4. covariant return type in Java

Generics in Java

  1. Generics in Java
  2. Generic class, interface and generic method
  3. Bounded type parameter in Java generics
  4. Wildcard in Java Generics
  5. Type erasure in Java Generics

Java 8 Features

  1. interface default methods in Java 8
  2. interface static methods in Java 8
  3. Optional class in Java 8
  4. effectively final in Java 8
  5. String join() method in Java 8
  6. forEach statement in Java 8
  7. PermGen Space Removal in Java 8

Lambda expressions - Java 8

  1. Overview of lambda expressions
  2. Functional interfaces & lambda expression
  3. Functional interface annotation in Java 8
  4. Lambda expression examples in Java 8
  5. Lambda expression as method parameter
  6. Lambda expression and variable scope
  7. Lambda expression and exception handling
  8. Method reference in Java 8
  9. How to fix the target type of this expression must be a functional interface error
  10. How to resolve Local variable defined in an enclosing scope must be final or effectively final error

Stream API - Java 8

  1. Stream API in Java 8
  2. Java Stream API Examples
  3. Primitive type streams in Java Stream API
  4. Reduction Operations in Java Stream API
  5. Parallel Stream in Java Stream API
  6. Map operation in Java Stream API
  7. Collecting in Java Stream API
  8. FlatMap in Java
  9. Spliterator in Java

Eclipse IDE

  1. How to pass command line arguments in Eclipse
  2. Creating a Maven project in Eclipse


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