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How to loop/iterate an ArrayList in Java

There are many ways to loop or iterate an ArrayList in Java. We can use the simple for loop, for-each loop (advanced for loop) available from Java 5 onwards, iterator or ListIterator (though not a preferred way if we are just sequentially looping through the elements of a list) and from Java 8 using Java 8 forEach statement that works with stream.

So the options are -
  • for loop
  • for-each loop
  • iterator
  • ListIterator
  • Java 8 forEach loop

Example code

Let's see a program that will use all these ways to loop/iterate an array list.

public class LoopListDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Using Diamond operator, so with ArrayList 
        // don't need to provide String, this option is available from 
        // Java 7 onwards
        List<String> cityList = new ArrayList<>();
        // Using for loop with size
        System.out.println("With simple for loop");
        for(int i = 0; i < cityList.size(); i++){
            System.out.println("City Name - " + cityList.get(i));
        // Using for-each loop 
        System.out.println("With for-each loop - Java 5");
        for(String name : cityList){
            System.out.println("City Name - " + name);
        // Using Iterator
        System.out.println("With iterator - Java 5");
        Iterator<String> itr = cityList.iterator();
            System.out.println("City Name - " +;
        // Using List Iterator - though not needed if doing sequential looping
        System.out.println("With List iterator - Java 5");
        ListIterator<String> ltr = cityList.listIterator();
            System.out.println("City Name - " +;
        //Using Java 8 iterable.forEach loop
        System.out.println("With for-each loop - Java 8");
        cityList.forEach((a)->System.out.println("City Name - " + a));
        //Using Java 8 iterable.forEach loop with method reference



Output (curtailed)

With simple for loop
City Name - Delhi
City Name - Mumbai
City Name - Bangalore
City Name - Chennai
City Name - Kolkata
With for-each loop - Java 5
City Name - Delhi
City Name - Mumbai
City Name - Bangalore
City Name - Chennai
City Name - Kolkata
With iterator - Java 5
City Name - Delhi
City Name - Mumbai
City Name - Bangalore
City Name - Chennai
City Name - Kolkata

In my opinion for-each loop is best way to iterate a list if you just need to traverse sequentially through a list.
With Java 8 and multi-core environment you can also use Java 8 forEach loop to take advantage of parallel computing using parallel stream. In that case you need to write it like -

cityList.parallelStream().forEach((a)->System.out.println("City Name - " + a));

That's all for this topic how to loop an ArrayList in Java. If you have any doubt or any suggestions to make please drop a comment. Thanks!

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